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Revised Inter-se-Seniority List Of SG Lecturers / Associate Professors In Government Colleges for the Year 2011

Proceedings of the  Director of Collegiate Education  (I/c), Chennai -6,


Dated :31-05-2012

 Present : Dr. (Tmt). J. Uma Maheswari, I.A.S
Director of Collegiate Education (I/c)

Sub  : Tamilnadu Collegiate Educational  Service – Preparation of  Inter-se-Seniority List  of  Selection Grade Lecturers / Readers  (Now Associate Professors)   for the promotion  to the post of  Principals of Government Colleges for the year 2010-2011 – Implementation of  orders passed by the  Hon’ble High Court  Chennai – Revised Seniority List – communicated -   Regarding.  

Ref :   1. Common Order Dated  25.01.2012 of  the  Hon’ble High Court
   Chennai   in   W.P.Nos.14485 , 15159, 15364, 14580 and 19800 / 2011

           2. Government letter  Ms. No.83  Hr. Edn. Dept.Dated 31/05/2012


In pursuance of  the  common order of the  Hon’ble High Court, Chennai in reference 1st cited, the  Revised Seniority List of  Selection Grade Lecturers / Readers  (now Associate Professors) who were appointed by various modes of Recruitment as Assistant Professors between the  period from  1979 and 1988  is communicated to the Principals of Government Colleges and to all  the Selection Grade Lecturers / Readers.

          Appeals / Representations, if any preferred by the Selection Grade Lecturers / Readers with regard to the fixation of seniority with the support of proper evidence may be submitted to the Director of Collegiate Education immediately.   If no appeal / representation are received in this regard then it will be construed that there is no discrepancy in the seniority fixed in respect of all Selection Grade Lecturers / Readers concerned and further action will be taken in the matter.

            It is also informed that this seniority list is subject to the out come of  the Writ  Appeals filed by the Government and by certain other Associate Professors against the common order  dated 25.01.2012  issued in W.P.Nos. 14485, 14580 , 15159, 15364 and 19800 / 2011 in the Hon’ble High Court  of Madras.

                                                                                  (Sd.)  ***********
                                                                                         Director of Collegiate Education (I/c)


The Principals of all Government Colleges,
Selection Grade Lecturers / Readers – Through Principal, 

Copy to ‘C’ and ‘D’ Superintendents -   They are also requested to verify the correctness of the particulars furnished in  the  seniority list and to confirm the same

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